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03  October,  2023

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With the driving base and a boom arm with an attachment designed for digging, excavators are essentially heavy construction equipment that are used for digging and moving large objects among various other tasks that it performs. Since, they are heavy and specialised equipment, purchasing excavators involves huge sum of money and investment. Hence, construction companies as well as contractors always want to know that what benefits the equipment would offer at the jobsite and how it can improve their project efficiency. Well, they would be glad to know that definitely excavators are highly efficient as a single machine can perform various tasks. They are very versatile as well when attached with various attachments and can hugely save on the labour cost. So, although excavators are expensive, they can offer various advantages at the jobsite. 

Here is a look at how excavators can improve project efficiency...

  1. Excavators can perform multiple tasks at the construction site: There are a number of tasks that need to be performed in order to complete a project and contractors or construction companies often have to buy different equipment for different tasks which result in huge costs. However, excavators can solve this problem to a large extent by performing multiple tasks and not just one basic task. Excavators can help in digging trenches, moving large objects, lifting and placing of pipes, river dredging, demolition, landscaping, site grading among others. They can be easily employed in mining, real estate, infrastructure, urban development, general construction, and agriculture projects. So, whether you need to perform small-scale tasks such as digging, garden construction, agricultural site preparation, or perform large-scale tasks such as those that are needed to be performed at the construction site, excavators can make things easier. They can be fitted with various attachments like a grapple for land clearing, a bucket to dig foundation footings or trenches for underground utilities, a clamp for site prep projects, or a plate compactor to finish trenches among others. In short, Excavators can perform the role of a Hydraulic Crane, a Loader, a backhoe, a compactor & a drilling machine at the same site. 
  2. Excavators can overcome the shortage of manual labour Excavators can reduce the need for costly manual labour at the jobsite and hence, help companies in overcoming the issue of manual labour shortage. Excavators can also speed up the work at the jobsite like digging the area by excavator can be much faster than employing manual labour for the same task. This way, the manual labour which is freed can be redeployed in more skilled jobs. Thus, excavator as opposed to manual labour can allow contractors to meet deadlines and save time, and complete work with minimal quality defects, thereby, increasing speed and accuracy and reducing the need for rework. Due to the current post-Covid situation, getting migrant labour back is turning out to be a bigger challenge. Excavators may help to alleviate that pain. 
  3. Excavators reduce the need for rework: Rework is always a pain for the contractors as it involves extra cost, time, and effort. The need for rework arises when the work is not considered up to the mark. Equipped with advanced technologies, excavators can perform the tasks with more efficiency, thus, saving time and cost associated with rework tasks. This can definitely increase project efficiency.
  4. Excavators increase profitability: Increased productivity with enhanced fuel efficiency and the reliability of excavators ultimately translate into higher profitability. Thus, excavators can for sure lead to project efficiency and boost the ROI of its owners.  
  5. Excavators can enhance Jobsite safety: With advanced technology, excavators can greatly help in improving Jobsite safety and have a direct positive impact on the business margins or profitability. 
  6. Excavators help in meeting the project deadlines: Since the modern-day excavators are highly advanced and technologically-sound machines having telematics, machine control, and integrated technology, the user can monitor the real-time m/c performance remotely and they can manage the work in a better way to complete the tasks faster and in a smooth way and hence, the construction companies can meet the project deadlines very easily. This again can result in increasing project efficiency.

That said, if projects are completed on time and with minimal errors with excavators, the brand value of the business increases in the market, which in turn can help the construction companies or contractors in getting new clientele and earning more profit in the long run. Thus, excavators can hugely affect the project efficiency and bring in huge profits for its owners.  

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